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Simulation and Consulting

Continual practice of critical but rarely used skills improves performance and identifies deficiencies. ETS can simulate emergency medical situations in any environment to help prepare you and your team. Contact ETS today and let us help prepare your staff!


Simulation is the artificial representation of a complex real-world process with sufficient fidelity with the aim to facilitate learning through immersion, reflection, feedback, and practice minus the risks inherent in a similar real-life experience. Medical simulation offers numerous potential strategies for comprehensive and practical training, and safer patient care. Many times entire teams of experienced professionals can identify all the necessary steps for successful resolution of a particular emergency while in the classroom. However, put this same team in a dynamic environment managing the exact same patient emergency and deficiencies in practice will become apparent. This is because nothing in real life is static and more and more studies are showing that simulation based medical education can improve both technical and non technical crisis management skills and team performance. 

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